Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Evolution vs Creationism

Two babysitters have been jailed for raping a 12-week-old baby girl and taking pictures of the abuse... Alan Webster, 40, and his girlfriend Tanya French, 19, both from Hatfield in Hertfordshire, pleaded guilty to rape and making indecent images.Webster was given a life sentence at St Albans Crown Court; French was jailed for five years. International law enforcers alerted police after Webster downloaded 7,000 indecent images from the internet...full story

How far have you moved up the evolutionary ladder if we have progressed from pond life to this, and yet how can this happen in a world with a Creator in control?


Gillian said...

Evolutionarily speaking (wow that sounds like a word you'd make up, lol) i suppose you could say some people never quite made it past pond scum.

By believing in creation we are fully aware of the evil in this world, if there was no evil i'd be a bit concerned that i'd missed a pretty big event.

It sickens me thinking of these people, and i'm glad it does. I never want to become used to seeing this kind of thing in the paper. Makes me very protective of my own kids, and very thankful when i see them tucked up sound asleep at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not to sure that it is believing in creation that makes me fully aware of the evil in this world. But I know what does and that is the evil within my own heart!!

What separates me from this couple? I would have to saying the restraining grace of God. remember Rwanda, what turned a group of civilised people into animals? Is it simply because they were a lower form of pond life?

Surely the point that the bible make is that given the right environment and removal of His grace, oe perhaps simply removal of His grace covers it, then any depth of depravity is possible.

We are horrified by these events and rightly so I don't know how I'd respond if it was one of my kids, but i remember once hearing a former lecturer descriping what he called 'the law of diminishing returns.' He spoke about the fact that when someone gains pleasure from something after a little while they need more to get the same feeling, then more, then more and so on. I wonder what started of the chain of events that ended in the rape of a tiny baby. What was the movement that ended in this carnage?

Perhaps we'll never know but surely it does make one examine oneself.

Dave said...

I think it is clear that we cannot be anything but horrified and yet I think we do understand what is wrong, you only have to read Romans 1:18-32 to see this, though even there not everyone descends to this level in actions.
Evolution and Creation were not the question to answer, and I think Hotel Rwanda and listening to interviews from the genocide shed light on these events (and I still find that film soooo hard to watch, it really screws with all my sense of justice)
All we can do is respond in the grace of God in the place where he decides to plant us.
My prayer is for the parents of the child, the child, and for those involved (on all sides), may they all find peace and know the reconciliation that ultimately quiets the deepest questioning of our souls.


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