Sunday, January 01, 2006


If you could have the opportunity to talk about one thing in a group setting, what would it be, here are some topics...

Weapons of Mass Delusion - politics and the media, stories, values and commitments." (WMD)

"A Surveillance Society" -keeping track of people in a mobile world

"Power, Politics and the emerging Global Order" - where are we going?

"Dangerous Subcultures" - exploring revenge, gangland and gun crime

'Immigation - threat or opportunity'

'Exploring the power of story to shape society'

'Suicide - a viable option to crisis'?

'Consumer giants (Tesco etc), community builders or destroyers'?

'Global warming - will the predicted Gulf stream collapse effect us'?

Let me have anymore you think of, I want to create a space where these topics and any others can be discussed.

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dinsy said...

Genetic Engineering in humans and animals.

Genetic Modification in crops, both from an ethical point of view and in its effects on the third world.


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