Monday, January 16, 2006

August Conference

I am hoping to host a 3 day conference in Durness in August and I am looking for people who want to be involved (yep, not Tapestry people, you are involved by default). I have invited some speakers from the USA, but we have no money, so unless they happen to be holidaying in Durness this August it is unlikely.

Listen I don't know who we need, I know how conferences work, two or three seminars per day, childrens stuff, everyone gets fired up and then forget about it a week later, I don't want this. The two things I do know so far is that it would be great to have a Celtic band to do the music, and it would be great to have a few speakers who are involved in evolving communities.

Shieldsy, fancy doing some of the world's biggest beach games ever, there are some great caves up there, and miles of white sand beaches!!

What say you?


1 comment:

Shieldsy said...

Love the idea Dave. But highly unlikely to happen I'm afraid - sorry to disappoint. Off to Nefyn again and mini-shields 3 will only be a couple months old.


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