Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not 4 da ladies

I was in the toilets in Asda, Elgin yesterday, and was shocked by the use of ultraviolet lights in their toilets, takes ages to adjust your eyes once you leave, does anyone know why?

But listen, I am amazed at how many blokes never wash their hands after using the toilets, nearly everyone who was using them walked out without going near the sink, then they go handling the produce in the store (remember to wash your fruit by the way). So now I get paranoid about opening the door and touching the handle (touch not the unclean and all that) and do all kind of weird moves to try and open the exit door of the toilets with my foot.

So there - a cautionary tale!


Shieldsy said...

UV lights are deliberately uncomfortable. This is to discourage "loitering" (drug using in particular) and also because apparently it's harder to see your veins under in such light, hence harder to inject.

This is 2nd hand information so maybe someone else can confirm ... but makes sense to me.

Dave said...

Whoa, nice one shieldsy, never thought of it that way, if it is true then that is reason enough, it certainly makes you feel uncomfy and would discourage loitering - not that I ever feel any encouragement to loiter anyway!!!

dinsy said...

If shieldsy's reason is the true one, aren't the supermarkets just getting a wee bit paranoid? Surely on-one would do drugs in a supermarket toilet, would they? Don't they need ones less populated, or mainly frequented by other people who are likely to do drugs also?

By the way, they've had them in the co-op in Inverness for a few weeks now also. It nakes it really hard to see anything, never mind your veins. I hate them. Don't like blue light at all - I remember feeling really ill in the church in West Berlin which has lots of blue stained glass - I didn't loiter there either!

Shieldsy said...

A quick Google for "UV lights toilets" would seem to confirm the info I heard. Actually throws up a few other interesting facts as well.

I first heard about it from a friend who worked in a McDs where they had installed them. Dinsy, you'd be surprised just how brazen a lot of drug use is now. When you're desperate for a fix, a supermarket toilet cubicle is usually pretty warm, clean(ish!) and convenient.

And on the other subject ... I admit to hardly ever washing my hands. I think it's best just to avoid peeing on them in the 1st place ;o)


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