Thursday, December 15, 2005

King Kong and Narnia

Just been to see the remake of King Kong by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings). Now if you imagine Ann (above) as the Messiah figure, the Empire State Building as Calvary, and Kong as the Apostle Peter then....only joking, there is no Christian message in this film, so if you cannot choose between Kong or Narnia, then here is why Kong is good and bad

Good points: its just great fun in a big movie sense, there is lots of character progression (hence the 3 hours), loads of dinosaurs and big crawly things, and it is the only film where I have ever been on the side of a 30ft monkey.

Bad points: If you are thinking of taking children (it is cert 12) then don't, even when it is on DVD, it is pretty scary in parts, the islanders on Skull Island are a bit like orcs and some scenes could kick off many nightmares...but then again it is cert 12, so be warned.

The moral, well I guess simply put you could say that this is a postmodern warning against kidnapping 30ft monster monkeys from there natural habitat, presenting them in a Broadway show and then not buying chains strong enough to hold him. So if you were thinking of doing it...DON'T, its much safer to go through the back of the wardrobe?

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