Friday, December 30, 2005

Highland Suicide - Filmakers and actors required

If you saw the article in the North Star/Highland News then feel free to contact me now I am back at home.



Anonymous said...

im a highland woman live not far from u with 2 children i just turned 30 and the amount off times ive seen young ppl want to take therelife is disgraceful ive had a real bad life the things that havehappened are unreal ill be honest ive thought about doing the same thing but thought offmy children and the affects it wouldhave on them theres no one therefor kids to talk toabout whatsgoin on in there life im glad there is now so tyfor buildin this site for those ppl lets hope it makesa difference toothers so ty

Dave said...

Dear Anon,

Thanks for your comment, maybe you should get in touch with us when I get back from Manchester next Wednesday, you can always call or text me at 07980675355.

Have a peaceful Christmas, Dave

Dave said...

Meant to say you can always email me at


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