Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Highland Suicide - Filmakers and actors required

You may, or may not be aware, but the Highlands of Scotland is seeing record levels of suicide and

'according to the latest figures from NHS Highland, seven people a day attempt suicide in the Highlands' (full article)

This coupled with the high level of assistance through chat rooms and books in aiding suicide makes me want to do something...

Computer whizz Brandon Vedas set up a webcam in his bedroom and filmed himself taking a lethal cocktail of drugs. The depressed 19-year-old fell unconscious and died in bed after onlookers watching the event over the Internet told him: "Eat more." His last legible phrase was: "I told u I was hardcore." (full article)

So here's what I want to do for now, Tony Blair has vowed to fight websites and books that promote suicide, so I wonder if we can do our bit...

I want to make a one minute film for the BBC on the subject of suicide, for that reason I need creative and innovative 'out of the box' thinkers not afraid to take risks with their personal sanity in order to acheive the objective!! I am looking for local people, acting skills and video skills not required, just the desire to make a difference to this community where we live - local and global.


Gillian said...

Don't know if you heard but last night the kessock bridge was closed for a while, we went over shortly after it reopened. We saw loads of police cars all over the place, coastguard were out and everyone was looking over the edge.

It's so sad that this goes on so frequently, and that it's on the increase.

What can possibly drive you to the point where you really feel there is absolutely no other option available.

So often you hear that these are not just single people but have a wife/husband and children. How desperate they must be to resort to this and to leave their families behind to deal with the consequences.

About 10 years ago my best friends older sister committed suicide. I have heard so many times that what she did was incredibly selfish, i can understand why they say that but there is so much more to it. She left behind a husband and young family. It was a total shock and completely unexpected.

I remember at the time being absolutely devastated. She was like a big sister to me too, i practically lived in my best friends house.

Being only about 13 at the time it was a very confusing thing too. I didn't understand it. What didn't help though and made things 10 times worse was my aunts comments. Her exact words were "Don't cry Gillian. You know what doing that means. She won't go to heaven, but that was her choice. So you shouldn't cry for her." I was distraught over this.

This was her view though as a Christian, this is what she had been taught at the Free Church, which is where i was going at the time. Suffice to say i stopped going to the Free Church immediately.

Personally, now i'm older (not necessarily wiser), i have to disagree with her. Surely God would forgive her or anyone that committed suicide. If things were so bad, so desperate then surely they would be forgiven.

Dave said...

I think you are right to disagree, we spout of at our own folly when we speak of things we do not understand, it would be difficult (impossible) to prove a 'suicider' goes to hell, and what concern is it to us individually anyway, 'work out your own salvation'

I feel deep compassion for those who take this course of action, I don't understand it fully, maybe they do it because they feel they have become to much of a burden, you remember Jonah...

1:12 "Pick me up and throw me into the sea," he replied, "and it will become calm. I know that it is my fault that this great storm has come upon you."

This is the idea behind my post, to raise awareness and who knows what else.

It was wrong to tell you not to cry, so go ahead if you need and cry for her, for you.


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