Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Death of a loved one...and all that

Found this post today and found it more than interesting, I wonder if your community or even you yourself have a 'theology of loss', it is on

Generally speaking, I'm a C. S. Lewis fan. I'm willing to overlook a few disagreements I have with his theology because of the clarity of his writing.

There is, however, a book of his I didn't like at all, and that's A Grief Observed. I read it twice after my husband died, and neither time did it resonate with me in any way. Honestly, I just couldn't fathom a man as smart a C. S. Lewis being brought to such a place of doubt by the death of someone he loved. I wondered what idea he'd had of God that something like his wife's suffering and death would pull the rug out from under his faith. How did he think God worked in the world?

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