Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Churches - Big or small

Found this really good article earlier...but let me just add my wee bitty first

Is it not interesting when telling anyone you are part of a new church, they always ask 'how many go' - I suppose in the world of Christendom 'size really does matter'. I think it is a means of comparison, yet we all need to compare ourselves with the Jerusalem church (3000 in one day).

Anyway the article

Rick Warren has a fascinating quote that I'd like to share and discuss a little today. Here's the quote:

"When you're small, they'll dismiss you; when you're growing, they'll criticize you; and when you're large, they'll resent you. So ignore 'them' and get on with whatever God has told you to do!"

Ahh... don't you love it when other church leaders talk about you and your church? It could be another pastor in town; maybe another pastor in your conference or denomination; and, in these days it could even be a blogger writing about an experience they had at your church...rest of the article here.


Shieldsy said...

The article only manages to say in 2,000 words what Rick said in 1 paragraph! That's why Rick's one of the greatest leaders & communicators the church has got at the moment.

Justin Jenkins said...

I saw that quote too, and even though I'm quite biased to Saddleback (I work there) I had to chuckle at the truth of it.

Kind of makes you think...

"If you say it in 1,000 words they will dismiss you, if you're editing some out they'll criticize you; and when you can say it in 1 paragraph they'll resent you"

Dave said...

What Todd says in his article is very simple yet crucial

He sums it up with... Instead, get on with whatever God has told you to do!

and I think fleshes out more what Rick Warren said. Not read much of Rick's stuff myself, but what I read is motivational, but there are many very good biblical communicators around, try and catch some of Ray Ortlunds, Miroslav Volf, Walter Brueggeman, Marva Dawn etc

Thanks Justin for your, I know my lecturers would have resented me at Highland Theological College if I had submitted a 1 paragraph project.


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