Saturday, December 31, 2005

Annus Beautifarlus

Okay I wanted to write something of our experience as we have been allowed by God to create a new community of faith.

There are still (6 months on) only a handful of us, and to be honest I have not been overly active in recruiting new members (not that we have membership). By that I mean I have made no effort to encourage existing Christians to join us.
There are three families (inc ours) who all left the same church, I left because I was put in a position by the leadership where I could not stay any longer, the others left for there own reasons.

In our six months we have expanded to a neighbouring town, but let me share a conversation I felt I had with God the other day, it went something like this...(God in bold)

I need some many...I don't know...then how do you know you need any...mmmm-good you want some more people...yes please...then get them...what invite other them...mmmm-where from...have I not made enough...oh I see - non Christians...of course - I've currently got six billion living, so why just keep swapping a few between yourselves...I see, you want us to plunder the Kingdom of darkness for disciples...exactly - you see then they will assume that the passion and vitality you have is the norm - a radical minimum standard...No probs - I'm on my way.

So you see the plan, if we only bring new people into the community they will assume that the way we do it, the doctrine we hold, is normal. They will just assume that church growth is accomplished by bringing others into the community of the Trinity, they will not just want to get them to church to hear the Pastor speak, thereby creating consumers and not disciples.

You know what, all Jesus said to me 14 years ago was 'follow me', and this is where it has led me so far. Yet when he said 'follow me', I already knew where he was headed, to a place that leaves no room for self determination, a place of humility and willingness to serve, and yes a place where you can be misunderstood and persecuted for doing right.

So that is good news, I knew what to expect when he found me, I remember someone saying 14 years ago 'I used to be like you, eventually you will settle into a quiet Christianity like the rest of us'. Well let me tell you this, I have (except one slight blip) avoided being bitten by Zombie Christians - you know - the Walking Dead, and the scariest part is this, the itensity and passion I have for following Jesus is growing more and more. I guess Christianity is for life and not just Christmas, being a disciple is not something YOU choose to do, you either is or you aint!

So how has the church plant gone so far? Well the blind see and the lame walk, what else did you expect?


Court said...

Interesting post, Dave. I don't know you (stumbled onto your blog by accident), but your comments resonate with me.

Headed " a place that leaves no room for self determination, a place of humility and willingness to serve, and yes a place where you can be misunderstood and persecuted for doing right." I think that's what many of us fail to realize....and we fail to prepare people for the inevitability of persecution. Too often, the message is "once you're a Christian, everything will be okay"....when in actuality, that's when the battle just begins.

I believe our intensity and passion for Christ should grow exponentially as we gain wisdom and a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. I can't imagine a life of "quiet Christianity." Sounds awfully anticlimactic. ;o)

Thanks for sharing!

Dave said...


Glad to see you stumbled (metaphorically speaking) into this blog. Checked out your blog (both of them) and lots of great stuff on there, I guess we are all on the same path, narrow as it is, and your heart sees to be following the Jesus I know, the same one the apostles wrote about and knew personally.

Loved your reminder of Philippians 3: 8-16, and to that end have posted it on my blog, keep in touch and keep checkin in, and hey I wish the church over here was at least half exciting as the post office!



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