Wednesday, December 21, 2005

25 June 2005

...three weeks in and the formation continues - the name of the plant is at the moment 'Tapestry', but we are not sure this will stay, but you may wonder why Tapestry anyway - why not a traditional name like 'the First Independent Associated Church of the Holy Redeemed Fallen Heads of Dingwall and Mid-Ross' or some other catchy name, well simply because we are not affiliated to, or under any umbrella organisation.
So why tapestry - well let me tell ya.....

Simply because this name is self descriptive of the community which the Spirit of God is weaving.
We see in our current day, great brokenness in life and community, society appears to deconstruct traditional community, creating a new society based around transient pleasure, people appear to have lives unravelled. This has been the pattern of life since time began - brokenness and drifting apart.

Tapestry seeks to place itself in the hands of the Master Weaver as he creates from embryonic form, new lives that reflect the love, compassion and hope of God. Think of it this way, when we view a tapestry we see the finished piece of art, but behind that form lays a chaotic scene of loose threads that make no coherent pattern.

Here at tapestry we recognise that behind all men and women lies a jumble of threads, yet we seek with the vision of God to see people as God sees them, a graceful handiwork that reflects His image. We see ourselves as part of the tapestry that He is weaving, recognising that as the picture becomes more complete, our lives as threads become even closer bound together. Though we retain our individuality and creativity, we understand that our lives will only be fully complete as each one of us is embroidered into a complete picture.

Feel free to contact us, or if local then do join us as we are worked on the loom of the Spirit, allowing Him to weave us into a beautiful tapestry, weaving each one of us into a community of faith.

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