Friday, November 18, 2005

Tesco, Wal-Mart and faith

I live in a town of approx 5500 people, it is not a big town, actually its so not big that the council had it carpeted last week.

In our town we have 11 churches and 1 supermarket - why is that?

Why not have 11 markets and 1 church...

what would be the viability of Tesco (or Wal-mart) opening 11 stores in one town. Each one would end up competing, rivalry would lead to division and no one would shop there because if you can't work out that you only need one store then I would rather not shop.

How would you then feel if you approached Tesco and asked 'why do you have 11 stores in one town?", to which the reply came "no your wrong, we only have one store, we just sell different things under each roof." One store sells dry food, one frozen, one electronics, clothes, meat, fish etc etc.
You may ask "well why not put it all in one store, after all you all work for the same firm." Tesco may reply "what a sensible idea, thank you"

So I ask again, why do we have 11 churches and 1 supermarket?

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