Thursday, November 24, 2005


What do we think of them? Feel free to discuss...

What if we had one saying "I struggle to obey Leviticus 19:28"


Anonymous said...

The bigger the better, especially if they are of dragons! Fell in love with my grandad's tattoos when I was about 5 years old. Can't summon up the courage to get one for myself though! I also bottled out of having my ears pierced.

dinsy said...

Sorry, previous posting should have been dinsy not anonymous. It's that word checker thing, I always get it wrong if there is a g or q in it - I can't tell them apart and it loses my username when I type in the next one.

Just to make sure you know - Dinsy loves tattoos! (Anonymous may like them too - but I dunno for sure).

Gillian said...

Evergreen are on the case.


Shieldsy said...

Tattoos used to be really useful. They were a pretty accurate indicator of whether someone had been to prison or were likely too. Since they became highly fashionable it's a lot less accurate.

Can't understand why anyone would want to permanently scar themselves for the sake of fashion. It's a bit like having a pair of flares grafted to you for ever. Very cool for a few months every few years.

On a slightly more serious angle ... do think the trend towards self-harming (tattooing, piercing, branding & most cosmetic surgery) is a very worrying. IMHO, it stems from a complete lack of self-respect & self-worth that results from not knowing that you are precious and valuable because of who made you and not because of what others think of you.

Dave said...

Not sure about the prison thing, I thought it was mainly sailors, certainly was common in the Navy.

I think if anyone wants a tattoo then they run the chance that in 25 years they will wish they had not. On a biblical basis the word is silent, so I cannot see it as 'sin'. It may well reveal a deeper insecurity in some, but others may just do it for art sake, or it may be a vanity issue, but then a lot of our clothes are purchased on a vanity basis.


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