Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Radically Traditional

In respect of what we have been speaking about in Tapestry, I found these comments (see below) confirming of where we are headed. For those who do not know let me explain...

Some people think of us as emergent and label as such, though these people have no concept of what that means, but that apart, we have a strong leading to make our Sunday service a traditional service where people find what they expect to find. Therefore as I have said, these comments are very confirming...

After twelve months of immersing himself in his community he’s discovered people can be confused by alternative models of church. They actually feel more comfortable with a traditional concept of church on a Sunday more

Strathpeffer here we come, for this is where we will be holding our Sunday gathering, more details to follow, but it will be at the community centre, check here

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