Monday, November 21, 2005

Priest Idol

Not sure if you have been watching this...taped another episode tonight - this is church marketing gone mad. But great to show just where we got it all screwed up.

Had an idea that Jesus used a really clever marketing tool - he called it 'love' - worked for him.

Channel 4 documentary 'Priest Idol' here...


Matt said...

So all jesus did is love
oh and went out to the world and got there attention with miracles, public speaking and the like, sounds like some good press there

Dave said...

true enough Matt, but the motivation for Jesus doing miracles, signs, preaching was love, in Priest Idol a lot of it is about getting people in the church, and as one of them mentioned last night, thats about money. When asked had the numbers gone up, he was told the children had increased, "ah yes, but there not wage earners are they" was the reply.
What I am saying is if you have the best marketing and no love, then you produce consumers.
If you have love and no marketing you produce disciples in a community.
Nothing wrong with love and marketing, we ourselves market our community through the use of 'video tracts' - like the blog by the way.
(by the way his good press got him nailed to a tree in the end)


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