Friday, November 25, 2005

No Freedom and No Justice

We have a member of our church (Edwin) who is in Kabwe prison in Zambia, conditions are very bad and we try to help him as much as you can, he is serving 20 - 25 years for poaching (leopard skins and ivory), which is a severe sentance. Its also pretty weird when the majority of Asia dines on Shark Fin soup...

"The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says over 100 million sharks, skates and rays are killed every year. We figure that's just half the total, because another half is unreported"...more

...mind you there's maybe not much ecotourism to be made from 'shark tours', woops, sorry Lord for totally screwing up this planet and totally perverting justice! Anyway I digress.

I got a letter from Edwins wife the other day and she wrote 'I do some piece works to find some thing with which to send my children to school, to feed and to cloth them. I clean things for my employer and I stay for months without getting any wage. My children wear rags they are poorly feed and they have been chased from school - there was also a drought in the country and so shortage of food is a national disaster most of the children are in the street to find something to eat'

Now click here to see how screwed up the world and church really

By the way, some of you may say 'yep thats the Catholic church for you' so just for you I have included

Oh and if you think I stand above all this - well I don't, I went out and bought the 'War of the Worlds' DVD without a second thought - £12.97 without a second thought.

I am not trying to moralise, just want to remind you that 'material blessing' is not Jesus' gospel and some people just get dealt a real crappy hand.


shieldsy said...

Not sure I understand all this post Dave. What's the bit about the poacher for? Am I missing something. And not sure I understand the War of the Worlds dvd thing either! Maybe I'm just being a bit dense.

In his book "I Was Wrong" Bakker said that in prison he started reading his Bible - something he hadn't done for a long time. In it he discovered that just about everything Jesus said about money or wealth was negative or a warning! Check it out yourself ... it's true.

I have a family member who loves watching some of the ministries mentioned in that 2nd article. I am very cautious of they're approach to money but I think we do them a great disservice if we judge them only on that. (I think there is also a huge cultural element to it as well ... Americans just aren't as reserved about financial issues as us europeans - and Brits in particular).

I used to be totally cynical about Benny Hinn in particular, but have had a complete change of heart recently. The places he has been able to take the gospel too and the vast multitudes who are hearing Jesus preached and seeing signs & wonders to accompany it are truly awesome (and expensive to arrange!). I do think we've got to be extremely cautious of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Cynicism is just as destructive as materialism.

Dave said...

It was all really about injustice and how we see the injustice of others but never our own that we cause.

So while I may condemn the economic carelessness of our nations in the face of the world's poor, I stand as guilty by my careless purchase of a DVD I do not need, bit of a spec and plank really.

The two links were to show that whilst we 'evangelicals' can stand and accuse Rome of their wealth and indulgence, we to our similarly indulgent.

The poacher bit was to show that he was jailed for stealing ivory whilst 100 million sharks are killed each year and nobody goes to jail for it, now thats weird.

With regard to Benny and others, well the Mormons and JW's spend vast amounts on taking the gospel to all areas, and yes they would calim miraculous events as well. I am not trying to be destructive, from all the preaching I have heard of these (inc Mormons and JW's) I have to say that it is a different gospel in many ways to what Jesus preached.
They do not impact my life so I am not too concerned, I will contend what they preach (especially Copeland), but only if I am asked.

My use of them in this post was to stop any 'Catholic Bashing'.

Hope that makes more sense.


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