Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A New Video

There is another new Tapestry DVD on the web, watch it here.

It is called 'conversational journey' and it is another fast journey, this time on a train (benefit of being Railway Chaplain). It is 14 min long, and is about 24mb, as always email me or post a comment if you want a full 1.4gb copy via post.

For the train people this was a Class 170 Turbostar First Scotrail service from Inverness to Edinburgh, this is the Carrbridge to Perth leg, in reverse, so watch out for the cars going backward on the A9. It was a sunny day and looks great as we pass over Drumochter.

Hope you enjoy


PeterinScotland said...

Well, well! I'd been hoping they'd speed the line up so the trains could run at the speed they're meant to - they evidently have :-)

Or am I mistaken - is this the actual speed at which you filmed the trip?

Dave said...

Im sure that lots of people wished they went at this speed, but alas this was speeded up, and if you look carefully on the A9 you will see the cars in reverse, the camera was at the rear of the train, there is a speede up road one as well from Dingwall to Ullapool at


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