Monday, November 28, 2005

New Video 'Fun in the Snow'

This really is just a bit of fun...Watch Video

All my Video's, MP3's and Sermons so far are here


Gillian said...

I've just figured it out, the reason why we didn't meet this afternoon. I bet you were just taking a sickie so you could go and play in the snow, Lol!

Shieldsy said...

Very cool (no pun intended). At the risk of sounding very geeky ... what software & hardware are you using?

Dave said...

Okay Mr Geekoyd, its a Sony Handycam DCR-HC14E and ULead Video Studio 9.

Neither are that special, the camera is okay, but the software is not the best. Really though this would have been state of the art 2 years ago so its all relative, I guess it also depends on the user.
My rationale was to try out with a cheaper set up like this rather than speand a fortune, both came from EBay, and really for what I am producing it is fine.
Could do with another DVD burner in my PC, but thats not critical.

Hey and Gill, we never had much snow today, but man it sure is cooooold!!


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