Saturday, November 19, 2005

King Kong

Just watched the trailer and its due out very soon, the classic tale of the big monkey who gets angry about the exploitation of his island as global corporations asset strip his peaceful homeland. Kong (that's his surname) then disguises himself as a ageing cabaret artist, gets a job on a visiting cruise liner and heads for New York.

Despite his lack of accomodation and work prospects Kong finally makes a succesful attack on a New York skyscraper, tragically though whilst protesting from the top Kong slips on his own banana skin and plummets to the ground a thousand feet below where he is knocked down and killed by a Yellow cab. I hope that is not a plot wrecker for those who have not seen it yet...

I wonder what salvation message we Christians will draw from it...maybe the Empire State building scene is a metaphor for the Calvary event (though Kong never rose again - couldn't find a tomb big enough).

Or that Kong Island is symbolic of our captivity and Kong is the Satan figure who destroys the community.

Right this is getting silly - goodbye

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Gillian said...

On a more serious note i'm sure the new Harry Potter film is going to be way better!

Oh and found a great film we have to watch one film night, just our kind of mentality - Rudolf the red nosed raindeer and the misfit toys, or something like that. It comes with Catherine and Rachaels approval!


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