Thursday, November 17, 2005

Jesus, petrol and the underworld

Jesus Cares More About Your Sin and Burning in Hell Than Gas Prices

You just have to look now hey...full article

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dinsy said...

I followed the link and read the full article and the comments - wow there are some pretty vitriolic people in Christian Blogland aren't there.

My tuppence worth: the people giving away petrol could probably have found something more worth doing with their money, or done it without the "bribe" of getting free petrol, but without anyone from that church explaining their motives I don't think we can be dogmatic about it.

The people with the banners could have found something better to do with their time, like maybe talking to the leaders of the church they were picketing beforehand, and they could have found a better way of expressing their grievance against the new church - sounds like the familiar "lack of love".


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