Friday, November 25, 2005

George Best

I really don't care what some may say - 'wasted talent', 'alcoholic' etc, for a 9 year old boy living in Manchester and going to Old Trafford it never diminished the sense of wonder I had for this man.

It was 22 January 1972 that I got lost at Old Trafford during a Man Utd vs Chelsea match where Chelsea won 1-0 (Osgood scored maybe), the ground was packed (62000) and this 10 year old boy cried for his Dad. Yet he soon cheered up when he was sat on the Man Utd bench for the second half, and even happier when his hero George Best ruffled his hair when he went up the tunnel. So you see it matters not that he died from his acute illness, to me the image always remained...E for B and Georgie Best!! Farewell.

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