Thursday, November 03, 2005

Are you feeling this

Took this page from Geoffrey Baines,, again do you or have you felt this...



Bill Hybels used this phrase, ‘holy discontent’ in a session of Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit this year. It is the name he gives to that which comes before vision. For Nehemiah it was that moment which followed his finding out about the state of Jerusalem; read Nehemiah 1:4 to see what happened in this man after he heard the news and before the vision came. This man was experiencing a pain that would not go away and could not be sedated.

This holy discontent is more than being upset, exasperated, or frustrated about something - it feels life-threatening. There are basically two kinds of pain: chronic and acute. I’ve just finished a ten mile run with an Achilles tendon that’s a real pain – it’s been like that for weeks now. Every step is painful but it doesn’t stop me running – it’s a chronic kind of pain. I’ll tell you what kind of pain I almost experienced that nearly stopped me running. Out in the middle of nowhere on my run, a big, black mastiff dog of some kind lurched towards me barking. It decided to have a nip at me in a couple of places – I’ve just got back from the doctor’s after an anti-tetanus jab, supplied with antibiotics – but if it had decided to do more than play with me and sunk its teeth into me then that would have been acute pain, that would have stopped me.

Holy discontent is acute: you have to stop what you are doing and do something different. What is it that is too painful to ignore any longer, that you have to do something about?

There is a small group of people I am calling my “holy discontents”; it’s taken something like four years to feel a pain that has become so intense that they have to stop and identify what is causing it and what they must do because of it –something so positive and creative.

I don’t know why some people feel such pain and others do not. All I know is that if we are really walking closely with God, open to his instruction and ready to obey, and we feel this pain, then we have to do something about it. It is also important that ‘holy discontents’ identify others like them and form a “tribe” to birth the new, because alone they can die.

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