Monday, October 31, 2005

Pseudo Jesus appears on Halloween

Hey, if you're one of the people I met on the estate tonight, or one of those who invited me into their homes then thanks, it was great to feel the sense of community and I never knew you all spent so much time and effort making the kids feel welcome.

I hope you appreciated our offering of an alternative halloween gesture, to bring gifts to you (yep we got gifts in return but that was down to your kindness more than our expectation), call by anytime, our door is always open.

For those who are distant, well this is how it looked more or less, the gown says 'not the real Jesus', though I think the sheer fact that I knocked on doors rather than walking through them gave it away. It was a cool night to just be out, hey and if you struggle with someone dressing up as Jesus, then I suggest you boycott nativity plays, we just do what we are commanded!!


Shieldsy said...

I think your tunic should have said "Not the real Bjorn Borg"!

Dave said...

They may have thought I was part of that swedish cult then, everyone said that long hair suited me, yet now and for the rest of my days I have to suffer the fact that long hair is a natural condition that I shall never again partake of.

Damn you follicle degradation!!!!


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