Monday, October 31, 2005

Mark of the Beast???

Yes people are already getting tagged

I have been watching the development of this for some years now, the benefits of tagging humans (and animals) is endless, ultimately it would give someone the power to create world peace, a crime free utopia, it is happening and it is coming to pass right now, possibly within 20 years (or less) every human in the world could be trackable by RFID tags and GPS. How close are we to a one world harmonious government - an age of peace. Type RFID into google and see what you find...there are even blogs and forums for people who have already been tagged, a kind of RFID community. Initially it appears that the main use will be in retailing, and who better to pioneer this in the UK but Tesco, though this has met some opposition...keep on watching

VeriChip, the company that makes radio frequency identification--RFID--tags for humans, has moved one step closer to getting its technology into hospitals.

The Federal Drug Administration issued a ruling Tuesday that essentially begins a final review process that will determine whether hospitals can use RFID systems from the Palm Beach, Fla.-based company to identify patients and/or permit relevant hospital staff to access medical records, said Angela Fulcher, vice president of marketing and sales at VeriChip.

VeriChip sells 11-millimeter RFID tags that get implanted in the fatty tissue below the right tricep. When near one of Verichip's scanners, the chip wakes up and radios an ID number to the scanner. If the number matches an ID number in a database, a person with the chip under his or her skin can enter a secured room or complete a financial transaction.


Shieldsy said...

Yep, this 'll be the mark of the beast I'm sure. Makes perfect sense in every way. If I weren't a Christian I'm sure I'd be opting to have one.

Tesco are already trialing a cashless store, and apparently Coop are trialing sime fingerprint payment method.

Reveleation says the mark will be in arm or forehead. Problem with an arm or finger is this ...

At lesat if it's in your head they've got to be prepared to murder you first.

And Revelations says those who have the mark will develop some skin disease (rev 16:12) ... the result of constant scanning I wonder?

The "miracle" of the beast recovering from the fatal head wound ... could it be this:

Just my speculation but it would seem to make sense.

"Interesting" times we live in. Luke 21:28

[Sorry about the long url's ... don't know how to do them as hyperlinks!]

dinsy said...

Hi Shieldsy, thanks for these amazing links. (I always thought you must be weird - even if I was not a Christian I would not have one of these chips inserted into me - hey I'm against paper ID cards that you have to carry, never mind these biometric ones Blair is dreaming about but then I have worked on large scale IT projects and I know a lot of the things that can go very wrong with large IT projects).

As a recipient of a kidney transplant (Graeme the Graft AKA Graeme the largest kidney in the world) I'm in favour of transplant technology up to a point, I think this has gone well beyond that point! Interesting to read though. BTW, if anyone is having trouble following the second link here, just take the full stop off the end (my browser couldn't find the http...stm. but was OK with the ...stm


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