Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Sorry for the lack of posts this last week, I am working on a DVD for Tapestry (traditional tracts just don't cut it anymore) so it eats up a lot of time, should have it done this week though...but hey Halloween looms large upon us again.

All the kids round about us are planning their halloween dress and the peer pressure on my own kids is great...so what have you all got planned...I have an idea, but I will tell you when it is done, all I can say is I have 13 days to grow a beard!! It should certainly raise some discussion on the estate though.


Shieldsy said...

Past few years we've been "Blessing & Treating". It's gone fantastically. Amazingly positive responses on the doorsteps and some really good conversations have come about as a result.

Dress up in cheerful fancy dress - anything that'll raise a laugh (we've had nuns, elvis, father Christmas, the pink panther, the 118 118 runners!), knock on a door, recite the blessing in Numbers (The lord bless u etc) and then give them some chocolates, some daily reading notes (or DVD) or whatever.

Great to see the look on peoples faces and the looks of bemusement from the "Trick or Treaters" you meet!

Give it a go. It's amazing how God seems to bless you when you go out to bless others.

Anonymous said...

Growing a beard ... I Know ... Are you going to become Gandalf? Who's going to be Gollum?

Dave said...

Sorry anon, but I think gandalf could be quite good, there are many I know who could be gollum.

Peter thats amazing, because that is what I felt the Lord prompting, 'the great mind helps us think alike' I suppose.

Thinking of going round the estate as Jesus, obviously with a disclaimer that I am not the real Messiah (only a representative), with some celebrations or quality street, kind of giving rather than taking, and hey I might have some DVD's by then, I need to look at mass reproduction as each one takes me 30 mins to burn - snore!

Anonymous said...

Going around as Jesus - cool! I thought you were just trying to avoid the halloween thing and bring Christmas early to Dingwall and be Santa!

I like the idea of going out and doing something rather than hiding in our homes avoiding trick or treaters.

Dave said...

Yep it was the thought that we always raise the negative in re to halloween, it seems better to combat negative with positive, you know, bring light into darkness


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