Saturday, October 29, 2005

Existenz - Tapestry Video

Okay friends, sorry I've not posted for ages with any real force, I have been creating a video, and also working out how to get in on the web.

The file is 25mb, compressed from 850mb, so quality suffers a little bit, especially the scenery parts, but give it a go, it is 14 mins long and I hope tells something of the nature of Tapestry...I hope you enjoy.

I have DVD copies that are high quality, just email me if you want one

Now watch the film...Existenz


shieldsy said...

Wow ... lot of hard work gone into that Dave. Extremely slick for a home-made affair. Well done.

Is that your attempt at a Scottish accent or is that how you really speak now?! That's what I'd imagine a scouse scotsman to sound like ... which is impressive coz you're neither!!

Did you hide your identity coz you're in the middle of your attempt to grow a beard ready for halloween? (How's that going by the way?). It works anyway - gives it the feel of a covert animal rights video (which is a good thing in my mind).

I like the Raving Loonatics track ("We have to believe that God exists"). Bought their album on the strength of it. Believe me, you chose the best track!!

Dave said...

Thanks Peter,

I'll send you a copy, the quality is so much better...the accent was just what came out, it was supposed to be more scouse.

The beard is the reason, lots of kids on the estate are lookin forward to Jesus appearing on Monday, sadly they will have to make do with one of his disciples!

I'm thinking of doin a DC Talk Jesus Freak next, I just need to find a tattoed man with a fat belly to film now!



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