Saturday, September 17, 2005

WWJG...or Where Would Jesus Go

Here's the scenario...its Sunday morning, 9am in Dingwall, Jesus steps of the Kyle bound train (okay the first train pulls in at 11.30, try to go with the scene for now), just time to pop over to Tesco for a coffee (okay its the Sabbath I know, shouldn't even be on a train). Everyone starts arriving at church in their cars (sorry again, its the Sabbath, they should walk - okay lets forget the sabbath thing for now, lets assume we all use electric, gas, phones etc on a Sunday).

As he sips his coffee he reads the free papers (he only had enough money for the train and a coffee) he notices the church adverts "Warm Welcome at ??? Church" or "Family friendly church etc")

Here's his dilemma, they all start at different times, he cannot attend them all at once (okay forget he is God for a moment), not only that but there are 11 churches, Baptist, CofS, Free Church, APC, FPs etc, which one does he choose - here are some questions

1. Would he come to your church, if so why?

2. Would you want him to come to your church?

3. Would you want him to sort the others out?

4. How would he be received?

5. When you have answered them you should find that you cannot determine which church he would go to, if you have then what does this conclusion mean?

6. If you knew he was coming to your church, what preparations would you make?

What say you? Comments please


Anonymous said...

I think every church would want him to go - but i doubt he'd go to any church.

I can picture him staying at Tesco's and preaching right there. Perhaps taking a stroll down the high street to meet and speak to people there.

I don't think he would 'sort out' the churches as such - hopefully they would all unite as one to follow him.

I think he would be very well received to a certain extent, there could be some who doubt it's really him, and others may feel that their authority within their churches may feel threatened.

If i knew he was coming to my church - i don't know what i'd do. Just try to get as many people along to hear him. I wouldn't waste time redecorating the church, straightening up the chairs or organising a meal for afterwards - i'd be outside dragging folk off the street!

Dave said...

Hi Anon

Good answers, you said "hopefully they would all unite as one to follow him".

Is this what they do each week, because he visits every week?

Anonymous said...

It's all about putting him before us, our own personal beliefs. The way we practice our faith sometimes seems far more important than the fact we are all worshiping him.

Ultimately, i don't think when christians go to heaven that we are divided by our denominations - so why should we here, does it really make a difference?

Surely there is only one way, his way.


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