Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Village part 2 - The Dialogue

Okay, the title sounds like an official sequel to the film - its not - but it is an invite to come and discuss the issues that this film raised, 15 Chestnut @ 8pm. Here are some sample questions...

How is fear created in the village?

What gives Lucius and Ivy the strength to overcome their fear?

Why are Lucius and his mother Alice Hunt afraid of revealing their true feelings?

To what extent can you empathise with this fear? Why do we sometimes feel afraid of revealing our deepest feelings to other people? How does this affect us and our relationships?

What is the significance of the fact that money is not used in Covington? Edward Walker, one of the village elders, says that 'money can be a wicked thing – it can turn men’s hearts black – good men’s hearts.' Do you agree with this? Why/why not? How far do you think that the love of money has corrupted individuals and our society as a whole? What is your attitude to money?
Edward Walker says 'the world moves towards love. It kneels before it in awe.' Does the world move toward or away from love? What power is there in love?

In what way does the church seek to withdraw from the world? How should the church engage the culture around it?

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Anonymous said...

I was watching Little Mermaid today, not on my own by the way! But it occurred to me how like The Village it is. King Triton doesn't is scared of any contact that his daughter (the little mermaid) may have with humans, that humans are evil, they will corrupt the merpeople and inevitably bring change to their community. Hey, who needs scarey films like the village, i've just got to watch the Disney channel!


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