Thursday, August 18, 2005

Leaving Crewe

The book the guy at Crewe gave me was called 'what God wants' - the author reveals that God wants nothing - my entry point was to explain that what God wants is a relationship with the man He created (that had no effect that I saw).

I searched the book he gave me and made a statement from what was written in the book that seemed to have an impact - so in the end there was no sinners prayer, no amazing conversion - Pastor Dave Lynch aint never gonna be top of the Conversion League - no Billy Graham. I gave the guy my card and told him to look me up if ever in Scotland.

I stood up and left, but not before I gave my card to a woman from Inverness who had been listening intently.

Dd I fail, well I can only fail if I subscribe to a pre arranged plan, I have no expectations, it is God who calls. Was I a success, well I was no more a success as I was a failure - you see the Kingdom of Heaven is not about measurable modes of success and failure - it is simply about doing the will of God. Did I do His will? I do hope so.


Anonymous said...

So put aside the fact that there wasn't an amazing conversion, who says there was ever meant to be one? You? Who says there wont be days, weeks, months or years down the line because of something you said. Did God at any point since tell you that He was dissapointed in what you actually did do?

How many of us, would have actually spoken to this man in the first place? If we did, how many would have had the guts to actually mention God?

We all know that we should use every opportunity to witness but when the opportunity arises we actually back down from putting ourselves in an awkward situation.

Well done for sharing your beliefs with this man, it couldn't have been easy.

In Gods eyes whether or not you succeeded in doing what you would've liked to do was completely irrelevant. You tried. You were a success in Gods eyes, and as long as you continue to try you will always succeed.

Dave said...

Thanks anon, I think we have become conversion driven in much of our christian world - yet in reality we pass through this world and speak what the father has given us to speak when we are to speak it.

In the times we do not speak we get on with the business of declaring the glory of God through the way we follow jesus - we exhibit the kingdom in ways that allow people to taste and see...



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