Tuesday, August 16, 2005

First Tapestry Film Night

This Friday (19th) at 15 Chestnut - faith dialogue focusing on this in two weeks - curtain up at 8pm.


michaela said...

I`m bagsying my seat near the window!!! i`ll have a sticker on it, hehe

Gillian said...

I only have a simple request - a cushion, to hide behind during the scarey bits!

Dinsy said...

There weren't that many scary bits - I only squeaked twice and I'm notorious for it - what an excellent start to Tapestry's film evenings.

You know the thing that struck me most about the film was not anything in the film itself, but a sort of feeling that this is the kind of world we would be heading for if God shielded us from all evil in the world, as some people seem to think He should do (the "how can there be a God if He allows [insert disaster or atrocity of your choice] to happen" brigade).

Dave said...

mmmmm...very insightful, do you think this was what it would have been like in the garden, I don't, though it had freedom within just as long as you never crossed the border - is that like Eden then, complete freedom but don't eat from this tree.
The diference I see is that they created the Village out of fear, God created the garden out of love.

Dinsy said...

No I meant the artificiality of life, almost meaningless, as they hid from the real world. Even life and death seemed less important to them than that nothing should disturb their "peace" (the elders that is, not the village as a whole) - in that they would rather their people should die than that they should interact with "the towns" to get medicine to save them. I think life would be artificial and meaningless if God stopped all bad things from happening, and even life and death would become incidental.

You remember the two girls sweeping the porch and how they seemed so childlike/innocent, I think that quality was Eden-like, until they saw the bad thing, then it stopped being innocence and turned to fear.

But I didn't mean to refer to Eden before the fall, I meant a post-fall, but shielded-from-consequences sort of life.
I agree that the village was a place of fear and deceit and so was nothing like the real Eden.


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