Sunday, August 14, 2005

Did you read this

This was one of my first posts...

Welcome to what is meant to be the beginning, though just where the beginning began I do not know. Why Out of Eden. Well I often wonder just what it would have been like to live in the garden of Eden, and one day I hope to find out. For now though we recognise that we are people who live outside the garden, wanderers, a pilgrim people. So all we write in our blogs, on our websites, are the musings of a pilgrim people, so please respect that this blog may not be 100% inerrant and infallible, simply becuase the fingers that type these words are driven by a brain that is powered by a heart that lives amongst thorns and thistles.

So if you speak evil of others, please email me with the moment you reached perfection.

God is love, and He alone is perfect.

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Dinsy said...

Dave, thanks for posting this again. And thanks for reminding us on Sunday that although we are not living in the Garden, at least through Christ we are no longer just exiles longing for the homeland but with no way of getting there. We are a pilgrim people, not just once a week, or year or lifetime, but continually on our way to that place or state of belonging to God.


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